Glow in The Dark Centerpiece

by Elissa Johnson
(Dallas TX)

glowing water bottle

glowing water bottle

If u take a 2-liter bottle wash it out and take off the wrapping fill it with water and take the inside of a highlighter and place in the bottle. W

ait at least a day so the effect will last and then shake the bottle vigorously and watch ur bottle glow under a black light it can also be done with water bottles but u dnt need the whole highlighter stick just half of it.

it glows so great and u can put them every where to glow.

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super experiment
by: Anonymous

wow i have this science project due at the last minute and this can be a perfect experiment thans alot

super experiment
by: Anonymous

Wow I have this science project due at the last minute and this can be a perfect experiment!

Thanls a lot!

It Gave Me A Great Idea
by: Reasha

Hi, I'm Having A Sweet 16 On June 9th, My Birthday Is June 7th But That Falls On A Thursday So I'm Planning My Sweet 16 For The Following Saturday.

This Idea Of Having Glow In The Dark Centerpieces That It Make Me Realize That Maybe I Can Make Fake Flowers, And Color Them In The Dark.

Then Set 2 OR 3 Highlighters In A Vase, Then Let Them Sit For A Day Or Two, When Those Days Have Passed I Will Cover The Top Of The Case With A Top, Shake Up The Water Then Watch It Glow In The Dark, That Would Be Pretty Awesome And Its Still Affordable!

Great Idea!!!
by: Angie

I am having my daughters sweet 16 this weekend and that is a great idea for the tables!

I will be getting some more cheap highlighters from Dollar tree and trying this, thanks!!

Great lighting alternative!
by: Admin- Tiff

What a great alternative to black lights!

This would also do great for highlighter parties and neon themes.

You can make the lights and light centerpieces from all of the neon colors that highlighters come in.

Make sure that your venue is extra dark so you can see all of your awesome lighting.

Glow sticks would go great with these bottles of light. You can wrap glow bracelets or the necklaces around the bottles for an extra dramatic look.

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