Alice In Wonderland Sweet 16!

by Cheyenne
(Burlington, CT, USA)

This theme is easy to picture and fun to have, even the way you picture what it will look like in your own mind is different then every one elses.

Even though the theme focuses on one main thing there are countless ways to play it out, do you want a tea party theme with decorations like tea cups and yummi bite sized cakes?

Down the rabbit hole theme with warped decorations other wise known as whimsical? Or maybe a red queens castle party, white queen?

Talking animals, confusing riddles, insane like the mad hatter and march hare, or even before alice goes to wonderland with fancy dresses and fine balls, would you like a party themed on one of the characters only?

Maybe a checkerboard theme. Even the whole Wonderland experience, games and activities are endless too.

Paint the roses red, checkerboard dance floor, human chess, falling down the rabbit hole, the mad hatters insane tea time, flamingo golf, which door does the key go to for prizes, eat me and drink me bakeing time, a formal ball dance in one of the queens castles, catch the cheshire cat, ect.

No matter how you play it out you are bound to have a great birthday!!

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