Sweet 6teen Black light Party

For a unique and FANTASTIC party, try a sweet 6teen black light party!

A black light party is a dance party. The party should be in a room or house that is very dark, and each light that is on, must be a black light!

A great thing about throwing a black light party is that pictures ALWAYS turn out awesome!

Glow in the Dark Party

A glow in the dark party is one of the coolest themes you can have for your sweet 16. The object to this party is to make everything glow!

Glow in the Dark Food and Drink

The well known Redbull energy drink glows really well under black lights. This is a great drink to have, but I would advise that you don’t drink too much of it. This can very well make you feel ill. Tonic water also glows under black light because of the quinine in it.

Green lifesaver candies also sparkle very nicely in the dark when they are broken and crushed. Bright colour fruits, such as strawberries, kiwi, cantaloupe and oranges look really great in black light parties. So why not serve fruit platters as treats!

For your sweet 16 birthday cake, have it made white! This will stand out in the room with fluorescent color 6teen birthday candles.

It can be very hard to come up with foods that can glow in the dark. So that’s why they invented glow in the dark cups, straws, plates and utensils! You can pick up any of these sweet 16 party supplies at your local party store, dollar store or even Walmart!

Glow Sticks

Have everyone at the party wear as many glow sticks as possible. Ask guests to bring at least one glow stick, and hand out tons of extras. Decorate the party with tons of flexible glow sticks.

A great idea that I have seen at a black light party was tons of white balloons with glow sticks right inside of them! The balloons glow awesome in the party, and it’s such a unique and great idea for a sweet 6teen party. Push a glow stick into a deflated balloon, blow it up and tie it up. Turn on the black lights and see how it looks!



Sweet 6teen highlighter parties have become incredibly popular. I say why not incorporate this great party with a black light party!

This way there is more to do, more fun to have and more glowing involved!

So the basic theory behind a highlighter party is to have each guest wear a white t shirt or tank top and give then a couple of highlighters to use throughout the evening.

The party guests will be allowed to write and draw all over each others t shirts.

By the end of the night everyone will have a party favor worth millions in great memories of your special day.

I have found that green, orange, pink and yellow highlighters work the best under black lights.

Highlighter bottles are cool sweet 6teen decorations. Grab a few empty and clean pop bottles and fill the bottles up with water. Put a highlighter inside of the bottle without the highlighter cap. Wait a day or so and shake up the water and highlighter juice. This glows incredibly under black lights.

Clothing/ Makeup/ Accessories


Fluorescent makeup and accessories are great to wear for a black light party. Fluorescent makeup, body paint, nail polish and jewelery are great. If you are brave and your parents will allow, why not try out some funky color eye contacts for the evening? Buy several white t shirts and tank tops for the party and have the guests draw on the t shirts glow in the dark paint or highlighters! Buy several white t shirts and tank tops for the party and have the guests draw on the t shirts glow in White is absolutely mandatory for a sweet 6teen black light party.


Picking up some fluorescent bristle board paper from the dollar store are great for cut-outs at your glow in the dark party. You can cut out shapes and cool designs and tape them to the walls at the party. Cover the walls in black garbage bags if your walls aren’t very dark as they are. Black walls are a MUST at a sweet 6teen black light party!

Cover your tables with a fabric that you don’t mind splashing some glow in the dark paint on. Try to cover as many surfaces as possible so that the party guests could draw with highlighters all over.

Petroleum jelly is also great to use to write messages and draw designs for glow in the dark messages under the black lights. Liquid tide detergent is great to paint on the walls, tables and put in toilet water.

The toilet water actually glows in the dark and the laundry detergent washes off surfaces. Make sure to check with your parents before doing so! There’s no guarantee that the detergent is great for surfaces at your glow in the dark party.

You can also find cool glow in the dark posters to stick on the walls for cool looking effects with the black lights.


Why not play a good old fashion game of twister at your sweet 6teen black light party! You could also get some glow in the dark body paint to spice up the glow in the dark party!

Board games are classic and fun, beats sitting over a TV and watching someone play a video game!


For great sweet 16 party invitations, why not write and design the invitations yourself in highlighter markers. Color any unused spaces on the invitations in black so that the highlights stand out better.

You should also explain a little bit about the party in the invitation. Explain a few important details such as:

* This is a DANCE party

* The party will take place in a house/room filled with BLACK LIGHTS

* All guests must wear a white shirt (or will be given one to wear at the door)

* Parties location

* There will be lots of highlighter/ glow body paint/ glow stick action

Have a blast at your sweet 6teen black light party!

If you liked this, highlighter parties and Glow in the Dark parties are very fun too!
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